Instructions for writing


Instructions can be downloaded here: Instruction.doc

TITLE OF THE PAPER (Times New Roman – TNR 14 pt Bold)

First A. Author Second B. Author2, Third C. Author1, … (TNR 11 pt Bold)

1 Institution, Address of institution, City, COUNTRY, e-mail (TNR 10 pt)

2 Institution, Address of institution, City, COUNTRY, e-mail (TNR 10 pt)


Abstract (TNR 10 pt Bold):  The maximum length of abstract is up to 150 words; the type of font is TNR 10 pt normal, left and right 5 mm, justified (in English).

For works that were created in the framework of projects of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the author´s country or within other projects, state the name and number of the project.

Keywords (TNR 10 pt Bold): up to 5 words (TNR 10 pt).


  1. INTRODUCTION (Chapter title TNR 11 pt Bold)

The instructions for writing the work for the Conference are indicated. In these instructions is specified how the paper should be prepared for the operation of Proceedings. Please follow the instructions given bellow.


The work should be written in English and other languages by an author (Times new Roman – TNR 10 pt normal). The papers will be published in two Proceedings: one written in English and one in an author´s language. One person may sign no more than 3 papers, as an author or co-author.

Text editor: Microsoft Word, version 2003 (.doc). Single spaced (1.0).

Volume of the paper should be maximally 6-8 (eight) pages. Paragraph spacing: before 6 pt.

2.1 Format of a page (Chapter title TNR 10 pt Bold)

Use format page B5JIS (182×257 mm). All margins (top, bottom, left and right) should be 25mm.

2.2 Charts

Every chart should be numbered with stated title which is set above the chart, even left. Font size of the characters in the chart is TNR 10 pt.

      Chart 1: (Chart title NR 10 pt)

Column 1Column 1Column 1
Row 1Row 1Row 1
Row 2Row 2Row 2
Row 3Row 3Row 3

2.3. Figures

Number and title of the figure should be below the figure and centered. Font size of the characters is TNR 10 pt. All of the terms in the figure should be consistent with the language in which the paper is written.


2.4. Mathematical Expressions

Mathematical expressions should be even with left margin, and number of expression should be even with right margin of a text. Height of the characters in equation is TNR 10 pt, Italic.

Will be aded!  (1)


All the papers which would be sent after the deadline given in the invitation letter or written in a form that is not in accordance to these instructions cannot be published in the Proceedings.


Literature should be written in alphabetical order (10 max), and citation for an example [1].

  • Surname, I., Surname, I. (YYYY): Name of Book (in Italics), Publisher, ISBN, Place of Publication
  • Surname, I., Surname, I. (YYYY): Name of paper or Chapter, In Name of Book (in Italics), Publisher, ISBN, Place of Publication, pp. xxx-yyy
  • Surname, I., Surname, I., Surname, I. (YYYY): Title of conference paper, Proceedings of xxx xxx, Surname I. (Ed.), pp. xxx-yyy, ISBN, conference location, Month and Year, Publisher, City
  • Surname, I.: Name of paper, Name of Journal (in Italics), (No. ), (YYYY), pp. xxx-yyy, ISSN
  • Surname, I., Surname, I., Surname, I.: Name of Paper, Available from http://www.exact-address-of-site Accessed: YYYY-MM-DD.

Prepare your paper as Title of the paper_Surname of an author.doc and send it on e-mail:


  1. Papers written in an author´s language will be published on the official web site
  2. All the papers will be reviewed and, according to the content, classified in one of the thematic areas.
  3. The requirements for publishing in the Proceedings are a positive review of the paper and paid registration fee.
  4. The papers that meet the required form and quality will be published in the Proceedings by the order of registration.
  5. Send your paper both in word (.doc) and .pdf format.
  6. Instructions can be downloaded here: Instruction.doc
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